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God has designed you to experience life with others. This is why at The Brooks local gatherings are vital part to our church. Hosting a gathering in your community is simple. Here are three things we know you can do to host a gathering: 

  • First, open up your apartment, house, meet in a local coffee shop, at work, or any space where you can meet with your friends regularly.
  • Second, during your gatherings have a meal together. Food is a great way to slow down things and talk through the weekly good and bad of life.
  • Third, guide the group through questions The Brooks Team will email to you weekly and end your time of sharing with prayer.

You can do this!  When I started Highlands Fellowship in Abingdon, Virginia, my home town of 8000 people, I posted an ad in the local paper with a very small circulation, and invited people who wanted to be a part of a new church, to come to a home and 27 people showed up at Christmas time in 1994! I was amazed! We quickly outgrew the home and moved to the local conference room at Johnston Memorial Hospital. We then moved to the local Harry L. Coomes recreation center and were kicked out of that. We then moved to a 104-seat auditorium at Abingdon high school. Four weeks later, out of space, we moved into the 900-seat auditorium and the rest is history! That church called Highlands Fellowship, now meets in their own as well as rented facilities all over the tri cities. We started in a house!

You can explore these FAQ on gatherings, but for now fill out the form below and The Brooks Team will give you a call. Looking forward to seeing how God will use your gathering not only to transform you and your friends, but your community.